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BNSF Emulator Login

Click below on the form for BNSF Emulator Login for BNSF Employees. See Below the form you can find instructions and FAQ’s of BNSF Emulator.

BNSF Emulator FAQ’s

  • Select Web Emulator for Windows Computers if using a Windows computer
  • Select Web Emulator for Apple and Mobile Devices if using Apple, Android or other mobile devices

How to update system?

Click here to get lasted Windows PC/Laptop updates
Click here to get latest Apple updates
Android Phone – updates provided through provider
Android Devices – updates provided through maker

Common Messages

“All WCProuser licenses in use. Session rejected”This messages is shown when there is no vacant web emulator license available and all of them are in use. Bnsf adds additional licenses to prevent this error. Try to clear your browser cache and login again. Keep trying until it connects you to bnsf emulator.

“DESTINATION CAN NOT BE FOUND OR CREATED.” This error shows because of wrong natural command is entered after logging into the emulator.

  1. Make sure to type correct natural command (NATTEY, NATYARD, NATWO, ect) and that you hit the space bar after typing the natural command and then hit enter.
  2. Sometimes it occurs because of auto-correction features in smartphones.
  3. Double check the and make sure the spelling of your input are exact and correct.

“Pop-up Already Open. Only one pop-up can be open at a time.” This happens when multiple pop-ups on Android phones tries to open at same time. To get rid of this error you should simply close all browser windows and open the browser and try again

Updated: November 26, 2020 — 10:01 am

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